Property Staging: How to Prepare for Your Photo Shoot (Part 1)

First impressions are everything. Nowhere is this more evident than when it comes to selling a home. Roughly 90% of homebuyers begin their searches online, where they spend plenty of time viewing property images. One of the best ways to help your listing’s images stand out is proper staging. Here are four savvy tips for utilizing staging techniques to create noticeable and engaging photos.

Start with the basics: First, the home needs to be properly cleaned and decluttered. This requires more than just your typical spring cleaning. In addition a good sweeping and mopping, everything from the gutters to the attic should receive a bit of TLC. Pre-packing is also a crucial part of this step: Be sure that all knick-knacks have been put into storage, to remove any items that reveal the current owner’s personal taste. Leave out just a few handpicked accessories that help define (and not distract from) the space.

Next, minimize the amount of furniture in each room. Exposed floorspace and open walkways give a room the impression of having more space. This also helps create a sense of flow, so potential buyers can move naturally from one room into the next.

Give your walls a makeover. For main living areas, like family rooms and dining rooms, paint in light colors. Avoid bland white and off-whites, and choose soft blues or greens instead. These lighter shades will reflect more light and make the room feel much bigger. 

Don’t forget about curb appeal! Clear the yard of any unsightly debris or tree limbs. Make sure the lawn and hedges are trimmed, and move any plants out from in front of the windows. If necessary, give the front door a fresh coat of paint and be sure to remove any clutter from the porch that may distract from a picturesque entryway.