Pre-Shoot Considerations

If you’re in the market for a real estate photographer, there are a myriad of things to do before even picking up the phone. Aside from coordinating schedules with contractors and clients, there are plenty of details that are unique to each home that factor into play. But what exactly should one consider before they schedule their photo shoot?

To start, one must remember that location is everything. The very direction that your property faces can have a significant impact on the lighting of your photo shoot. You’ll want to consider this when you request your appointment time. For instance, if your property faces east, a morning appointment is best. If it faces west, then afternoon is ideal. South facing homes can be shot at any time, but things get a bit more complicated with north facing homes. We recommend that you observe your property’s natural lighting during the day and contact the photographer to discuss your options.

Aside from external considerations, what’s going on inside is also crucial to your property’s photo readiness. Aim to spark joy with your final images by making sure that the property is cleaned and decluttered prior to the shoot. Even if you’re not planning on having a home staged, making sure that all rooms are tidied up and all surfaces are cleared will make a huge difference.

Lastly, consider what your property may need beyond just the basics. Is it located in a prime area or by a picturesque body of water? Consider scheduling an aerial shoot for maximum impact. Is the property unusually dim at all times of day? Try out one of our PRO photo packages, which includes flash lighting and extra time to give your property this attention it deserves. Or, if that property really comes to life at night, why not add on a twilight shoot and really wow your potential buyers?

As you can see, scheduling your listing’s next photo shoot is not quite as simple as just agreeing to a time and place. However, Pro Property Shots aims to make the whole process as smooth as possible. If you’re still having concerns about what needs to be done before scheduling your photo shoot, feel free to contact us anytime by visiting or giving us a call at (310) 980-5335.